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Olive Oil Museum

The museum

A tribute to tradition and culture heritage of olive oil.

The Mavroudis family introduces you to the world of quality Corfiot extra virgin
olive oil, with authentic experiences of knowledge and taste.

We have created a beautiful museum housed in a traditionally built stone building next to the olive mill and is an excellent example of a small, pre-industrial, horse-powered olive oil mill,which retains all the important authentic features of Corfu island architecture and agriculture of the period.

Monday to Saturday from 9:00 until 20:00.
Sunday from 9:00 until 13:00.

Mon ‒ Sat : 09:45 - 11:00 - 12:15 - 13:30 - 14:45 - 16:00 - 17:15 - 18:00 (Last Tour) Sunday : 9:00 until 13:00 (with free museum entrance but with no tour quide.)

Adults: 5.00€
Children (under 10 years old) 3.50€
Children (under 5 years old) Free Entrance

Olive Tour & Tasting

One of the members of the Mavroudis family is always available to personally
welcome and guide the visitors, explaining all the stages of olive oil production: the steady way of horse-powered grinding, the clever compression mechanism, and
finally the storing process, in which the design and construction of bulky masonry plays an important role in order to regulate temperature.
Next, there is the tasting of olive oil, which clearly explains the basic elements of the different qualities of olive oil so that visitors know the right way to taste it and what to look out for when buying olive oil. The end of the tour is introduced with a traditional Corfiot treat, with olive oil and locally baked fresh bread, allowing the visitors to sample the taste at its fullest!

“Corfiot” Olive Oil Producer

The museum not only gives the visitors a new perspective and knowledge about the
oil they use every day, but also provides them with an unforgettable look at the life of an Ionian island village!

For these reasons, it is worth adding in your list a visit to our olive mill when you make your trip to Corfu, so you can get to know both us and our olive oils, as well as the history of Corfiot olive oil.

Excellent museum. Strongly recommended. It is a "must" if you visit Corfu. All the exhibits are impressive. If you wish, you can purchase excellent quality of extra virgin olive oil or related memorabilia.

Peter An.

A modern and interesting museum with lots of explanations in English (and Greek of course) that we and our kids liked. We really enjoyed the museum and we also enjoyed how the information were given by a member of Mavroudis family !

Tereza L.

A small modern museum devoting itself to olives. You feel you know everything there is to know about olives, growing them, their uses etc when you have finished the tour. The exhibits are really nicely presented! The best part of the tour is the olive oil tasting !

Isabel T.
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Vraganiotika Village Corfu, Greece
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Mavroudis Museum

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The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Corfu showcases the culture and technology surrounding the olive and olive oil production,
A field which is inextricably linked to Greek, and in general, Mediterranean identity.